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2 Main Reasons To Avoid Brinjal During Pregnancy

Avoid Brinjal During Pregnancy: A well-balanced diet is recommended to a pregnant woman and she must take this diet to promote normal growth and development of the unborn baby. In India, the nutrition intake of pregnant women is influenced by food facts, taboos, cultural and religious beliefs, customs, food habits and attitudes of the family members. There are many concepts of foods such as “hot foods”, “cold foods”, “sour foods” etc., which are avoided. One such food which is avoided during this period is the brinjal.

Brinjal is one of the most easily available and affordable vegetables in the market. It is loved by many around the world. It can be cooked in many ways and is used in making curries, casseroles and other dishes.

It has a lot of essential minerals, vitamins, and nutrients which provide numerous health benefits. Some of the common health benefits associated with brinjal are that it helps in getting rid of gas in the stomach, congestion, insomnia, malaria and may facilitate better digestion. But Ayurvedic traditions strictly suggest limiting the consumption of brinjal during pregnancy. It is one of those foods that must be avoided during pregnancy.

Reasons to Avoid Brinjal During Pregnancy:

There are various reasons for a pregnant woman to avoid eating brinjal. Some of the important reasons are as follows:

  1. Ayurveda strictly advises the limit of brinjal consumption. Brinjal or eggplants contain large amounts of phytohormones and these help in treating premenstrual syndrome and amenorrhea. Their brinjal works as diuretics. It can stimulate menstruation when consumed daily which is not a good option for a pregnant lady. This is one of the main reason to avoid brinjal during pregnancy.

2. Eggplants or brinjals are enriched with menstruation-inducing properties. Due to these properties, brinjals may also lead to abortion.

These are some of the major causes for the restriction of brinjal during pregnancy. But it is only in the Indian cultures where brinjal is suggested to be avoided during pregnancy. Normal brinjal is said to have 6.4 mg of vitamin A, 4.9 g of dietary fiber and 6 mg of iron in it. These are some of the essential nutrients that are needed during the pregnancy period. But, the causes revealed by Ayurveda cannot be ignored too.

An expectant mother should follow a proper diet that fosters optimal growth patterns. Though researchers are still not sure about strictly avoiding brinjal during pregnancy, moderation is the key and prevention is better than cure.

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